French Polishing with Spirit Varnish

French Polished and Hand Rubbed finishes are gaining popularity again in the boutique stringed instrument markets.  "French Polish" is not a finish itself, but rather an old world technique commonly used with a Spirit Varnish (natural resins dissolved in high proof grain alcohol).  Like a pair of expensive selvedge denim jeans, a French Polished Spirit Varnish finish will wear uniquely to the player, and it can be restored to its original state by someone with the expertise.

My finishes are as natural and organic as possible - using pumice stone and the wood's natural oils to fill the open pores, natural shellac hombrewed with 192 proof (96%) grain alcohol to seal and build a foundation, and a mix of shellac with sandarac and other natural plant resins with organic walnut and/or olive oil for the final polished top coats.

Please get in touch for pricing on repairs, restorations, or complete finishing services.